Plan, complete and repeat.

Efficiently plan production - create tasks to roast, blend, package and ship - and gain back hours per day.

Using RoasterTools, Jon French estimates saving $1,000 per month at Black Oak Coffee Roasters while supercharging his team for growth☕️+ 💻= 🚀
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Clear Workflow

No more guesswork or overlooking details. With clear tasks for everything from roasting to packaging, your team will operate like a well-oiled machine.

Time Saving

Reclaim hours of your day. With one click, we create the day's tasks, from roasting to blending and grinding to packaging, making your production scheduling effortless.

Adaptable Scheduling

Demand can shift. Adjust on the fly by adding or deleting tasks as needed, ensuring your production always aligns with current needs.

Auto plan

One click, and your day is planned. That's Auto Plan.

Auto Plan creates tasks for all the things: how much to roast, what to blend, which bags to label and what products to package up.

Plan extra inventory

Want a little buffer? Or a lot?

You can easily create excess inventory for anything you produce by planning, and completing, tasks for more than is currently demanded.

Track progress

Get a high level overview about where you - or your team - is in the production process.

Update anytime

Add tasks or delete tasks at any point as Demand or the Plan changes.  

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