All of your inventory
in one place.

Seriously. RoasterTools provides a single dashboard where you can manage all of your inventory so it doesn't manage you.

Using RoasterTools, Jon French estimates saving $1,000 per month at Black Oak Coffee Roasters while supercharging his team for growth☕️+ 💻= 🚀
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Centralize All Coffee Inventory

Oversee your entire inventory at a glance, from green through packaged coffee, eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple systems or records.

Green Coffee Management

As you roast daily, your green coffee stock is automatically updated, ensuring you're always aware of your current levels.

Roast Just the Right Amount

Excess roasted coffee? No problem, RoasterTools tracks and offsets your inventory, ensuring you never overproduce or fall short of what you want.

Green coffee

Simply record a purchase to add a green coffee to your inventory, and then watch as it is automatically deducted as you roast each day.

Roasts and Blends

Got carryover?

If you have a little or a lot of unpackaged coffee that gets rolled into the next day's production, you need RoasterTools to track your inventory and automatically offset demand - so that you don't over (or under!) produce ever again.

Packaged products

Roasters at scale - even those that 'roast to order' - often have one or two products that they get ahead on by packaging early and often.

You can easily manage those Package tasks, and the ensuing inventory, with Operations by RoasterTools.

Inventory counts

Easily count inventory across all of your inventory items to make regular adjustments to keep your inventory accurate.

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