Works well with others: Advanced integrations for ecommerce, accounting, and shipping

Wave goodbye 👋 to the hassle of juggling multiple platforms that require double (or triple) entry of data, and say hello to a smoother, more connected experience. 

Using RoasterTools, Jon French estimates saving $1,000 per month at Black Oak Coffee Roasters while supercharging his team for growth☕️+ 💻= 🚀
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Centralized Order Processing

Seamlessly process orders from all your sales channels in one place. Instantly import orders from multiple ecommerce platforms and an expanding list of third-party resellers like Trade.

Seamless Accounting Integration

Hassle-free synchronization with your accounting platform eliminates manual data entry, reducing the potential for errors and freeing up valuable time. These connections enhance efficiency, allowing more focus on strategic aspects of your business.

Ship and Collect Payments

Boost fulfillment efficiency and payment collections with our Stripe and Shipstation integrations. Collect payments swiftly upon fulfillment and automatically connect each customer’s preferred shipping method to Shipstation to process and print labels quickly.

Process orders from all your sales channels

Import orders from dozens of ecommerce platforms, and a growing list of 3rd party resellers, in a single click. Check out all our ecommerce features on this page.

Sync orders to your accounting platform

You can map customers and products to your accounting software and then sync the orders when you’re ready. This hassle-free synchronization eliminates manual data entry, reducing the potential for errors and freeing up valuable time.

"RoasterTools’ Automated Discounts and integration to Quickbooks Online is a time saver, saving me 4 hrs/week.  It was smooth, easy and just the way we wanted."

Mokshita, Accounting at Parlor Coffee, New York City

Easily process payments

Easily process payment with our Stripe integration. Whether they pay via ACH or Credit Card, securely stored customer information so you can easily charge your customer at the right time.

Quickly create shipping labels

Easily connect to shipstation to export your orders and automatically use the correct shipping method for each customer in shipstation for each wholesale customer.

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