Know exactly what to roast, package and fulfill.

Math is hard. Let us do the hard work for you.

Schedule orders and see instantly what your team needs to do - that's Demand - without going down the spreadsheet rabbit hole.

Using RoasterTools, Jon French estimates saving $1,000 per month at Black Oak Coffee Roasters while supercharging his team for growth☕️+ 💻= 🚀
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Save Time with Less Mistakes

Stop crunching numbers manually. We take care of complex computations in seconds, freeing up valuable time for other tasks

Easily Add Last Minute Orders

Need to add a last minute order? No problem, clearly see updated Demand and make quick adjustments to your day's tasks.

Optimize Multi-Use Ingredients

The calculator seamlessly determines the total roasting quantity needed, regardless of how many different blends or products it's used in.

Demand preview

Schedule orders in a few clicks for a quick and accurate preview of Demand, or what your team needs to Roast, Package and Fulfill.

Complex blends

Use a roast in multiple blends? No problem.

How about a roast that you sell as a single origin, but also use as a component in a blend? Easy.

RoasterTools is up to the challenge for calculating demand across all of your coffee products.

Exclusive and Private Label

Project your total Demand across all of your products that use the same recipe, which is especially useful if a best-selling blend is sold as an exclusive or private label product.

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