Wholesale Coffee Partner Strategies during COVID-19

March 26, 2023

💡Partner with your existing wholesale network to sell more packaged coffee

Your partner cafes are suffering as well.  Perhaps it's time to double down on that partnership, and (temporarily) push these locations as retail outlets to sell whole bean coffee rather than prepared items?

Possible tactics around this idea:

  • If they use Square, advise them to use Square Marketing to send a one-time email to advertise whole bean specials/offerings?  A coffee shop is a nice alternative to pick up beans versus a crowded (and empty) supermarket.
  • Suggest that they can grind coffee for home use (even if this makes you cringe).
  • Add a temporary discount for these cafes.  Some sales is better than no sales for all involved, and a discount goes a long way to make the sale happen.
  • Suggest to the cafe that customers can buy their coffee over the phone, so there doesn't have to be an in-person sales transaction via the touchscreen terminal.

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