Be the Helper: How to use your Coffee for Good

Coffee brings community together. Use your greatest resource!

I was speaking to a coffee roaster the other day, and he asked me what his wholesale customers should do with the coffee that's sitting in their cafes while they are closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. It's a great question, one that I honestly hadn't considered. Here are five ideas on how you can wield your greatest asset - your coffee - during a time of community need:

#1 Brew it, and hand it out

Starbucks recently positioned itself as a Helper when it announced that it would give out free coffee to front line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  You can do this also in your community. Ask your local grocery store when shift change is, and offer a hot cup of coffee to those coming or going.  You can make small, but significant acts with a cup of coffee.  Partner with your local wholesale customers to pick up, and brew their coffee (that otherwise may go stale), and co-announce this donation.  Front line workers in any disaster could use a hot cup of coffee.  Can you find a way to hand it out?

#2 Donate it to Food Pantries and Shelters (but grind it first!)

Food pantries and shelters are always looking for donations.  Round up all of the coffee you can spare, or that may go stale, grind it and donate it to a local organization in 12oz bags.  We used to buy inexpensive kraft tin-tie bags for just this reason, so that we could take out of date coffee and help it get distributed at our local food pantry.

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